Kingdom Hearts 3D

I love how everyone is freaking out about the new trailer and is so excited! I can never talk to my friends about this kind of stuff… Anytime I post anything related to KH or FF I feel like a freak… but here I feel at home <3

Really though I NEED to buy a 3DS for this! I had like €65 saved up but… I had to get FFXIII-2 so… yeah (meh I regret nothing)

The Yaoi Fangirl in me screams “AKUROKU!! SORIKU!!” anytime new trailers come out for this beautiful game. I really wish that I had played BBS but I don’t have a PSP :( Looks like I’ll have to watch it on YouTube but it’s just not the same >.<

My one concern is that after KH3D (I know I’m thinking way ahead) is that the next game’ll be released for PS3/PSP or another console I don’t have D: That’s the ONLY thing that annoys me about KH… I wished they’d either release it on multiple consoles (like FFXIII released for PS3 and XBox360) or just stick to the one. I’m afraid I’ll get to the stage where I won’t be able to afford continuing with the series…