Look at his face. Sleeping as if nothing’s wrong- like there is nothing to even worry about. He’s always been like that. The three of us would agree to work on the raft, and then this guy would go take a nap on the beach! You see, it’s my job to keep him on his toes. Besides, what kind of Keyblade Master sleeps through his test? I’m doing it for me too, Sora saved me once. And…I heard him call my name. He needs me.

Riku talking about Sora (Dream Drop Distance)

*bites lip* This is…. <3

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The Kingdom Hearts series, 10 years and still going strong.

Beautiful :’)

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Kingdom Hearts 3D

I love how everyone is freaking out about the new trailer and is so excited! I can never talk to my friends about this kind of stuff… Anytime I post anything related to KH or FF I feel like a freak… but here I feel at home <3

Really though I NEED to buy a 3DS for this! I had like €65 saved up but… I had to get FFXIII-2 so… yeah (meh I regret nothing)

The Yaoi Fangirl in me screams “AKUROKU!! SORIKU!!” anytime new trailers come out for this beautiful game. I really wish that I had played BBS but I don’t have a PSP :( Looks like I’ll have to watch it on YouTube but it’s just not the same >.<

My one concern is that after KH3D (I know I’m thinking way ahead) is that the next game’ll be released for PS3/PSP or another console I don’t have D: That’s the ONLY thing that annoys me about KH… I wished they’d either release it on multiple consoles (like FFXIII released for PS3 and XBox360) or just stick to the one. I’m afraid I’ll get to the stage where I won’t be able to afford continuing with the series…